American Chowpsuey by Chef Jigss

American Chowpsuey (Made Easy) by Chef Jigss

This recipe is not only made very easy to cook at home in matter or few mins, but also a little healthier with more vegetables, no separate vinegar as ready-made sauces already have enough vinegar in it and avoid ajinomoto since it is not good for health…..Still tastes better then one you can get in a “Restaurant”….. 

Bet you want to try it “ONCE” 


Repeat it “Over & Over AGAIN”…….

Even a “Newbie” can cook with this recipe… !!!

Ingredients  :


  • For Gravy
  1. 2 medium onions,
  2. 2 small carrots,
  3. 1 medium capsicum,
  4. 3 medium green onions with leaves (all vegetables cut into medium long slices)
  5. chilly sauce 4-5 tbs,
  6. soya sauce 2-3 tbs
  7. tomato pure made out of 3 medium tomatoes
  8. tomato sauce 5-7 tbs
  9. pepper (pinch)
  10. white corn flour 2 tbs
  11. water (as required)
  12. sugar 1tps
  13. cooking oil 2-3 tbs (olive oil optional)
  14. slat to taste..
  • Other: noodles ( first boiled then fried) approx 100 gms {these days you also get these ready in stores}
  • Serving Size : 4 people
  • Cooking time : 15 -20 mins




 Heat oil and toss  Onions , Capsicums, Carrots for 1-2 mins….
Add black pepper other seasonings, sugar and salt, mix well.


 Add white corn flour and cook for 1 min..


Add tomato pure, chille flakes and water to make a thick gravy…cook for 2 mins…


Add Chilly Sauce and cook for 2 mins, turn off the flame and add soya sauce and mix well….

IMG_20150920_202435Gravy is ready ….



Take some fried noodles in empty bowl and pour in the prepared gravy ….

(1 part noodles and 3 parts gravy or as preffered)


Garnish with fried noodles.. …

It’s Ready to Serve and Relish …..!!!

Now go ahead and try in your kitchen 


Do let me know how it went ………….

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wait for next one….

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8 thoughts on “American Chowpsuey by Chef Jigss

    1. Hi Prity,
      You are always welcome…

      here you can/may use any ie red/green or both depending on availability(with you) and your taste. Personally I use both of them ..

      Hope this helps.

      Happy COOKING……and hope you will ENJOY this dish….

      With Love


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