Excellent & Satisfying Attempt By Miss Prity

Priy says :

“Awasome..i tried this dish day-before yesterday…great taste…enjoyed this dish with family..Earlier I was little afraid to try such recipes at home, but from this blog now I find it very easy and confident to go ahead and cook these dishes …thank you Jigss Kitchen..”

now let us have a look at what she cooked …

Dt: 11th Oct 2015

Dish: AmericanChowpsy Go to Recipe

Tried by : Prity Panchal (Mumbai/ India) { studying C.S.)


She tried cooking Chinese cuisines  for the first time, initially was afraid to cook at home but when once tried now her family want to have Chinese dishes to be made at home only…  good going Prity !!!


Dt 28th Oct 2015

Dish: South-Indian Curd Rice (Instant) Go to Recipe

Tried by : Prity Panchal (Mumbai/ India) { studying C.S.)


Seems like Prity is now becoming fond of cooking as she keeps on trying new dishes every now and then.
This one looks delicious and very tempting …way to go Prity …. keep up the good work…


Prity has done a very good job…So can You…
Don’t Think, Just Go Ahead & Try These Recipes In Your Kitchen
Do Let Me Know How It Went….
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Do share your experience with me…

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