About Me…


I am a (single)person of considerable action who loves honesty in life in its widest sense. I am a fun loving person who loves satisfaction and purpose in life…

I Like Travelling
Love Cooking….N Enjoy Experimenting in The Kitchen with Various Types of Cuisines & Dishes *(veg)* !!!
I will post recipes made by me at HOME so keep checking “MY RECIPES” section…  One will find recipes simplified, easy to make at home …
I hope you will like them & will try in your kitchen…

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for queries/comments please feel free to contact

email: jignesh.s.thakkar@gmail.com

voice/whatsapp :+91-9898195658


3 thoughts on “About Me…

    1. Thank you Ketan.. I am glad you liked my recipes n happy to know that u like cooking… .. If possible Pls share pics of dishes u made and I will add then on the blog along with your comments.. Till den happy cooking…


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